The LINCSPRING team is a bunch of obsessively reflective, iterative and invigorating educators who knew that educators weren’t getting what they needed.


Meet The founding TEAM behind LINCSPRING

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Tiffany Wycoff

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Jason Green

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Jaime Palés

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We’ve been at this work for a long time and we’ve noticed the biggest pain point in 21C school transformation is teacher support. It’s not about tools or models. It’s about empowering teachers to facilitate innovation by shifting mindset and reimagining learning. With our team of coaches, a.k.a. LINCredibles, we’ve set out on the audacious mission to help every teacher, everywhere. Core to the mission: a deep belief that educators should be the agents, not the objects, of change.


Here’s how coaching looks in a LINCSPRING empowered Professional Learning Community:

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Just-in-Time Help through LINCSPRING Messaging

1-1 or Small Group Cloud Coaching

Feedback on LINCSPRING Progress and Portfolios

Onsite Spark! Workshops

Customized Innovation Assessment, Design, & Planning

Transformation Team Building & Coaching