LINCSPRING is your springboard to school innovation and generativity.

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What is 21st Century learning?

a new way to educate that prioritizes personalization, student agency, equity in learning, and curriculum co-creation. It has been heralded as the future of education and a cultural requirement for the increasingly rapid evolution of technologies and societal needs ahead.

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What is a Professional Learning Community?

a welcoming place for knowledge building and knowledge sharing among peers in any profession. Educators create this safe space to learn in their classrooms but have lacked a place to learn and innovate for themselves.

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What is Generativity?

a research-supported educational model created by Dr. Arnetha Ball, endowed chair professor at Stanford University. We define generativity as continuous growth achieved through self and shared reflection and iteration. This is how a school community sets the stage for student-centered learning.

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Educators wanted better, so we built better.


“We’ve seen definite growth in our teachers’ mindsets and practices. It’s been amazing to witness them truly becoming generative practitioners.”
— Eric Haines, District Administrator
As a teacher, I’m finally able to do what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m able to know my kids more in a personal level. It’s not teaching to 26 kids; it’s coaching one-on-one.
— Mike Blumenthal, Teacher
“The students walked away with a deeper understanding of ‘What, Why and How’ they were working and they understood where they had room to grow and what they were doing well already.”
— Richelle Poeppelmeyer, Teacher